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Dear Friends,

By joining "The New Earth Movement" you pledge to eliminate Complaining, Judging and Criticizing from your life.

If you join The New Earth Movement, your are not allowed to have Complaining, Judging nad Criticizing enter your brain, life or space.

These three life characteristics are not options you need, without them watch what other options enter your life.

Peace & Wellness -Lester & Genevieve Tate

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Wear it proudly to show your committment to being a better person.

Others Who Have Joined and Why

We all judge.. in some form or another possible because we see fault within and it is easier to judge and criticize others instead of healing thy self. i love this company.. have been supporting your love for years..
Julie — Sanford, FL

Elizabeth — Rye, NH

Love ur products
Adriana Zepeda —Hacienda Heights, CA

Christa — Arizona City, AZ

Judging unrighteously, complaining, and criticizing are not attributes of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Paula — Zionsville, IN

I use natural soaps and tooth paste,eat organic food when I can and believe in the power of prayer and Jesus is the only way to God and heaven I have a bottle of natural miracle conditioner and it works well. Brampton, Ontario

I wake up everyday and decide to do everything in power to be the best possible me that I can be. The New Earth Movement is very much inline with my life goals & is a beautiful idea. – Clover, South Carolina

I'm learning to live a cleaner life, trying to stay Chemical free including my brain and heart and body.
Linda—Hyader, Wyoming

I want the happiest existence possible. Free of complaining, judging and criticizing.
Carolyn – Atlanta, GA

Its the new challenge.
Chris – Orland Hills, IL

I try my best to wake up each & every morning with an open heart & mind no matter what the day before was like. I also try my best to not have a complaining spirit and those are the type of people I love to associate myself with. I'm a great listener,I try to be a positive person to everyone even if they are complaining. I absolutely love Tate's products. — Richland, MS

I want to join the movement because the true fact is, complaining, judging and criticizing destroys our brain. I want a healthy brain and hope to be a good example to others. I think you have wonderful products. — Atlanta, GA

I'm joining because I can not continue to do the same thing and expect different results! We have been given body and life and I intend to be a better tennant of my gift. Finding a new path to living. (: — Ohio City, OH

If we all tried to be better people, think how more wonderful the world would be.— Purdon, TX

I love your entire business model and philosophy. Way to win customers and help our planet!— Bimiji, MN

I want to be a part of something positive and independent.— Phoenix, AZ

Because i love tates!— Lyndhurst, OH

You are Awesome Love the product :) — Broward, FL

I have been practicing Loving Kindness meditation for the last 2 months. I am finally feeling the daily peace this practice brings. I want to add another positive challenge to my daily practice. This commitment requires awareness. Without my meditation practice I would not be aware enough of my thoughts. I am excited to be a part of a beautiful movement to heal the Earth.— Cincinnati, OH

I think this is a great movement that I am proud to be a part of! We need to rid the planet of negative energy!Peace and Blessings! Val :) —Mohrsville, PA

I have used your products for years snd believe that we must treat everyone with love and respect.— Lansdowne, PA

This is a challenge I am up for!— Stafford, AZ

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